Cool CPU

Well, we had a bit of a cold snap this week, so I decided to do the impossible: run my computer without a heatsink. I may have a rather cool CPU (1.5Ghz Celeron Tualatin core), but no heatsink is a rather tall order, no matter what the temperature. So i went outside and hooked up my computer in the -16F weather. It ran just fine, even though there was no fan running and no heatsink on the CPU itself. Here are the pics:

Here's my computer, all ready to go. I didn't shut it down properly and I use FAT32 in case I ever want to install Linux on my computer, hence the scandisking.

You can see Windows 2000 booting up nicely while there is nothing but heat-speading goop on the CPU die. Do you like my 1337 200 watt power supply? I salvaged it out of a 200Mhz Pentium machine. You know you want one.

A close up of my PSU. You can also see the lack of heatsink on my CPU.

Proof of my amazing Tualeron! The CPU is at 4C with no heatsink, passively cooled. Also notice the CPU usage is at 100%. I ran Prime95 constantly to make sure it was stable. I didn't have a chance to overclock because my fingers were completely numb after about a minute in the cold.

Just to make sure you believe me, I took another pic. The flash really brings out all the dust on my LCD.

So, there it is. I did this because chip dared me to, and I wanted to anyway. Now if someone did this with their Athlon XP or Pentium 4 EE, I'd be even more impressed, but I think the weather would have to be colder. My CPU was only putting out 30 watts of heat.