Pegboard Accessories


Pegboard Tray

OpenSCAD: pegboard-tray.scad
STL: pegboard-tray.stl

This pegboard tray is parameterized. If you change the dimensions in the OpenSCAD file it will automatically generate the correct mounting pegs.

Magazine holders


OpenSCAD: mag-holder-ar.scad
STL: mag-holder-ar.stl

Glock 17/19/26

OpenSCAD: mag-holder-glock.scad
STL: mag-holder-glock.stl

Ruger Mk III

OpenSCAD: mag-holder-ruger-mk-iii.scad
STL: mag-holder-ruger-mk-iii.stl

I’m pretty sure this works with magazines for all versions of the Ruger Standard.

Sig P239

OpenSCAD: mag-holder-sig-p239.scad
STL: mag-holder-sig-p239.stl

This will also hold magazines for the Sig P225-A1.