Pegboard Accessories


Pegboard Tray

OpenSCAD: pegboard-tray.scad
STL: pegboard-tray.stl

This pegboard tray is parameterized. If you change the dimensions in the OpenSCAD file, it will automatically generate the correct mounting pegs. You can tweak other attributes such as peg diamter, though the default should work with most pegboard.

I’ve also generated STL files for some common tray sizes.

Pegboard Tray 2x2x2

STL: pegboard-tray-2x2x2.stl

Pegboard Tray 3x3x2

STL: pegboard-tray-3x3x2.stl

Pegboard Tray 4x4x2

STL: pegboard-tray-4x4x2.stl

Pegboard Tray 4x4x3

STL: pegboard-tray-4x4x3.stl

Pegboard Tray 4x5x2

STL: pegboard-tray-4x5x2.stl

Pegboard Tray 4x6x2

STL: pegboard-tray-4x6x2.stl

Pegboard Tray 6x4x2

STL: pegboard-tray-6x4x2.stl

Pegboard Tray 7x4x2

STL: pegboard-tray-7x4x2.stl

Magazine holders


OpenSCAD: mag-holder-ar.scad
STL: mag-holder-ar.stl

Glock 17/19/26

OpenSCAD: mag-holder-glock.scad
STL: mag-holder-glock.stl

Ruger Mk III

OpenSCAD: mag-holder-ruger-mk-iii.scad
STL: mag-holder-ruger-mk-iii.stl

I’m pretty sure this works with magazines for all versions of the Ruger Standard.

Sig P239

OpenSCAD: mag-holder-sig-p239.scad
STL: mag-holder-sig-p239.stl

This will also hold magazines for the Sig P225-A1.