Here are some things I’ve made. See GitHub for more.


Like Etherpad, but with plugins for popular code editors. The buzz-wordy term is “cross-editor real-time collaboration platform.” Basically, it lets developers pair program when they’re not in the same room. It’s super-cool. At Floobits, we all work remotely, using Floobits to develop Floobits.

These days, much of the code I write is under the Floobits GitHub organization.

The Silver Searcher  (GitHub project)

A tool for searching code. Faster than Ack. Better than grep.

Ag has over 4,000 stargazers on GitHub, making it the 9th most popular project written in C. I’m glad so many people find this tool useful.

FSEvents tools  (GitHub project)

Some command-line tools for working with OS X’s filesystem events. Similar to inotify-tools.

TLS CipherSuite config generator

It’s not easy to configure nginx or httpd to use the right cipher suites. There are dozens of combinations of key exchange, encryption, and message authentication algorithms. Some combinations are secure, some aren’t. This is a simple tool that lets you pick among the secure combinations to generate a SSLCipherSuite config directive.

LS_COLORS generator

For Linux, OS X, and *BSD. I made this many years ago. I would destroy it out of embarrassment, but people still seem to use it.

Twisted hang detector

Find out what’s causing the reactor thread to hang.