Trump Poetry

These are taken from NPR's transcript of the first presidential debate. Only newlines have been inserted.

Ode to Sean Hannity

I then spoke to Sean Hannity
which everyone refuses to call Sean Hannity.
I had numerous conversations with Sean Hannity
at Fox.
And Sean Hannity said,
and he called me the other day.
And I spoke to him about it.


So we had to get very very tough
on cyber
and cyber warfare.
It is a huge problem.
I have a son –
he’s ten years old.
He has computers.
He is so good with these computers.
It’s unbelievable.

My Company

I built an unbelievable company,
some of the greatest assets
anywhere in the world,
real estate assets
anywhere in the world,
beyond the United States.
In Europe,
lots of different places.
It’s an unbelievable company.

Her Website

I think I should -
you go to her website,
she’s going to raise taxes
1.3 trillion dollars
and look at her website.

You know what,
it’s no different than this.

She’s telling us how to fight ISIS.
Just go to her website.
She tells you how to fight ISIS
on her website.


I’m really calling for
major jobs
because the wealthy are going to create
tremendous jobs.

They’re going to expand their companies.
They’re going to do a
tremendous job.


we had to take the guns away
from these people
that have them and
that are bad people
that shouldn’t have them.
These are felons and
these are people
that are bad people
that shouldn’t be…


I just left Detroit and
I just left Philadelphia and
I just –
you know,
you’ve seen me,
I been all over the place.
You decided to stay home,
and that’s OK.
But I will tell you
I’ve been all over

I'd read about the Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld, but it was only after making these that I remembered it. If you want more nonsense like this, check out DeepDrumpf on Twitter and RoboTrumpDNN on GitHub. Thanks goes to Gwern for digging up those links.