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I finished my first marathon, the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. My time was 3:18:00, which isn’t bad considering my longest run before the marathon was 18 miles. For most of the run I stuck with the fastest guy in an Elvis costume, who was pacing for 3:15. The first 18 miles were a breeze. I spent time talking with people around me and enjoying the scenery. Around mile 20 things got tough, and from mile 23 to the finish all I could do was follow the guy in front of me and try not to throw up or pass out. I’m pretty sore today, but I’m definitely not the only one. I’ve seen quite a few others besides myself doing the post-marathon shuffle around San Diego.

Update: Pictures

Mile 17-ish


Mile 20-ish


Mile 20-ish (Again)



I did not defeat Elvis. He finished three minutes ahead of me.

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