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2,000 Miles on a Ninja 250

A few weeks ago I rode my Ninja 250 from San Jose, CA to Spokane, WA and back, averaging just over 500 miles a day. The gallery of photos is here. The trip was a ton of fun, although by the second day each way I was a little sore. I should have stopped more often, because there was a lot more scenery than the pictures suggest. It rained a couple of times so I didn’t get any shots from some parts of the trip. On the bright side the rain cleaned all the bug guts off my gear.


Welcome to Oregon

Eastern Oregon

Danger to manifold!

Bugs really like my visor.

Most of the shots are from the return trip, since I had an onboard camera mounted. The onboard camera is pretty cool, but I need to work some kinks out. The mount and the camera body itself aren’t very stiff, so it shakes while recording video. Here’s a clip to illustrate:

After I got the camera recording in HD and in daylight the quality was better but the shakiness was worse:

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