Burning Man 2010

This was my second year going to Burning Man. Like last year, I went with camp cryo. We used up 265 liters of liquid nitrogen in a single afternoon. Apparently people love free ice cream when it’s 100ºF out.

Flavors ranged from boring vanilla and chocolate to a surprisingly tasty mix of chili pepper and graham cracker. The heat of the peppers and the cold of the ice cream complemented each other, or something. I’m no culinary expert.

The art was pretty impressive too. I’ve thrown a few photos up on Flickr and a few more in my gallery. My favorite piece was a 40 foot tall metal statue of a woman.

Not only is the statue visually appealing, it’s an impressive engineering feat. There are no guy-wires to keep it standing. It’s balanced on a small pedestal hidden under the playa dust. The whole weight of the statue is supported by one foot.

Oh and it lights up at night. There are LEDs throughout the metal latticework, cycling through most of the color spectrum.

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